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The King Mackerel's back is iridescent blue-green, and it's sides are silvery; it has a very streamlines body and tapered head. No black pigment is found on the front of the dorsal fin. The lateral line is easy to see; it starts high behind the gill plate and drops sharply toward the belly near the second dorsal fin. The King Mackerel is sometimes confused with the larger-on-average-sized Wahoo, but Wahoo have numerous deep blue-black vertical bars running along the flanks. The Wahoo's head is also longer and more tapered to a point, with a second dorsal fin usually lower in silhouette than the first dorsal; whereas the King Mackerel's first dorsal often is lower in height than the second dorsal. It is also known as the Kingfish.

Size: Common 10 to 20 pounds, 30 to 40 pounders not unusual; 50-pound fish caught regularly. Florida and world record is 90 pounds.

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