January 5, 2024

"They were a very professional and safe crew! The Captain focused on safety, navigation, and getting us on fish, which there was no shortage of! 1st and 2nd mate were very friendly, positive, and extremely patient, fielding questions and assisting with fishing techniques! We caught 62 fish, and we had a blast! We highly recommend them!"
January 2, 2024

"We have been going out with these guys for a few years. Captain Tino and first mate Neil are top notch. Great with kids and first timers fishing."
December 4, 2023

"SPECTACULAR! I have chartered countless boats from Montauk through the Carolinas and the Gulf coast of Florida and this was a top 3 by all counts. We had a group of 11 and hired both of their boats for an unreal day.After spagehtti arms kicked in from several Bonitas, one boat went bottom fishing and that too was non stop action. The other boat continued battling Bonita, a Kingfish and trolling. Both Captain Tino and his mate Neal, and Captain Brian and his Mate Matt were hilarious and professional. Both boats were spotless and very well prepared and stocked. I highly recommend them."
July 10, 2023

"What can I say? These boys should take their show on the road. We fished with Captain Tino, First Mate Neil, and the newbie Matt this week. All three provided great service for my family, although they each did it in their own way. Matt is learning the ropes and will make a fine first mate someday. He was especially attentive to our needs on this very hot day. Neil is just the ultimate professional. Whatever we needed, he was right there for us. Then there was Captain Tino, who missed his calling. He should have been the lead server at the ol' Chicago diner "Ed Debevic's" because he can (and will) take shots at anyone on his boat.....especially Neil and Matt. I think I even heard him refer to the boys as Beavis and Butthead once when something went slightly wrong. We loved every minute of our trip with these guys and we caught a lot of fish. The boat was fantastic. Highly recommended."
July 4, 2023

"Awesome trip! Capt Tino kept us on the fish and Neal was there for anything we needed. Will definitely be booking another trip in the future!"
Charter Boat Shark