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December Is the Season for Pelagic Fish: What Are They?

December 11, 2019

In other spots in the country, the weather is chilly, and some places even have snow. Right now, it’s pelagic fish season in Sarasota, FL, and there are charters available to help you catch them. This means you still have opportunities to fish, and since it is warmer here, you also get to enjoy a holiday away from the cold conditions occurring elsewhere. Here is what you need to know about pelagic fish in Florida. Where to find them Pelagic fish get their name from where they come from: the pelagic zone. This is the part of the open sea... View Article

With Cooler Weather Comes Rougher Water

November 27, 2019

Winter here may not bring extreme cold or the usual adverse waters, but it can produce rough water for local fishing charters in Sarasota, FL. While this does not kill fishing season, it can make it more hazardous. This means taking precautions to make each adventure a safe one. Here are five tips for handling the rougher waters of winter: Know the forecast: Never leave for a fishing voyage unless you check the forecast first. While predicting the weather is sometimes more art than science, the forecast will still offer an indication on whether it is safe to sail that... View Article

What to Do in Sarasota This Winter

November 8, 2019

Let’s face it: life is good for Floridians, even in the winter. That’s why so many people flock here from up north to escape the icy temperatures, or move here permanently to avoid ever having to shovel a driveway again. Because of our fantastic weather, there are plenty of Sarasota winter activities to keep residents and visitors entertained. Go to the beach That’s right—even in the winter, it’s always the perfect time to go to the beach in Sarasota. If you dress properly you can enjoy a lovely picnic while playing on the beach just as you would in the... View Article

Get Ready for Winter Fishing in Sarasota! Here’s What to Expect

October 25, 2019

While the weather might be frightful up north, we still have plenty of great winter fishing in Florida. Thanks to diverse habitats and the freshwater rivers streaming into Sarasota Bay, anglers are treated to a wonderful fishing experience all year long. Ready to catch some fish? Here’s what you can expect from winter fishing in Florida. What fish to catch in Florida for the winter Florida boat captains and fishermen have been scouring the waters for what we can expect to find this winter. Here are some of the fish you might see on your winter fishing excursion: Trout Flounder... View Article

Do Saltwater Fish Taste Different Than Fresh Water Fish?

July 26, 2019

You’ve always heard that saltwater fish are different than fresh water fish. Some species live in the ocean, while others make their homes in lakes and rivers. But what exactly are the differences between the two? Do fresh water fish taste better? Are they better for you? Your fishing charter in Sarasota, FL has answers. The fact is, there are several differences between saltwater and fresh water fish. Here’s a quick overview to help you understand the uniqueness of each kind and guide your choices for fishing and feasting. Health Benefits It might be tempting to believe that saltwater fish... View Article

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