With Cooler Weather Comes Rougher Water

November 27, 2019

Winter here may not bring extreme cold or the usual adverse waters, but it can produce rough water for local fishing charters in Sarasota, FL. While this does not kill fishing season, it can make it more hazardous. This means taking precautions to make each adventure a safe one. Here are five tips for handling the rougher waters of winter:

  • Know the forecast: Never leave for a fishing voyage unless you check the forecast first. While predicting the weather is sometimes more art than science, the forecast will still offer an indication on whether it is safe to sail that day. If the forecast states one thing, but you see completely different conditions, consider staying close to shore or rescheduling your trip. When it comes to boats and weather, safe is always better than sorry.
  • Know your limits: If you do not have experience sailing in rough seas, it is likely a good idea to hold off on fishing trips until spring. You can take charters with experienced sailors instead and still get your fishing fix. The same is true if you embark and conditions change in a way that is not comfortable for your sailing skills. There is never any shame in turning back if the conditions are beyond your skill level.
  • Stock up your emergency kit: Before you leave, make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit, flotation devices and life jackets, and check your communication systems. Even if everything is going well now, it is a good idea to make sure you can call for help. With current conditions, you want to be rescued from sticky situations as soon as possible. Rough seas are not a good place to experience an engine failure or other emergency.
  • Have a plan: Know where you are going to fish and how to get there. This is not the time of year to experiment and risk ending somewhere unfamiliar. Unless you have the skills to get out of bad weather situations, this is not a good opportunity for exploration. You need to know your environment and the conditions so you can stay safe when the water becomes rough.
  • When in doubt, don’t go: If this is your first cruise in rough water, consider bringing more experienced sailors with you. That way, if you panic and forget any emergency procedures, there is a backup plan so you can all return to shore safely. However, if you are simply not ready for these conditions and would rather not risk it, find other ways to get your fishing experience without placing yourself and others in danger.

There are fishing opportunities in Florida this time of year, and many people prefer the cooler weather. Anyone wishing to pursue these opportunities has safe and experienced options available, and one of them includes hiring a local fishing charter.

Charter Boat Shark is available for fishing charters in Sarasota, FL all year round. If the conditions are right, we are ready to go. Contact us today to book your excursion.

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