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Tips for Catching Grouper in Sarasota, FL This Season

September 6, 2019

Want to catch some grouper this season? Good luck—there’s a good chance you’ll be going after a fish that outweighs you! Therefore, it’s important that you’re properly prepared for the fight the fish is about to give you. You’ll need to know not just where to find them, but also the gear you’ll need and how to bring them in. Here are some tips from our fishing charter for how to catch grouper in Sarasota, FL this season: Know how close to shore they’ll be: How close the grouper like to be to shore depends primarily on the time of... View Article

Amberjack Season Is Upon Us! Here’s What You Need to Know

August 23, 2019

Amberjack season has arrived! This is one of the most popular game fish for people who come out and join us on our fishing charter because it is a great introductory saltwater fish at a larger size. Before you schedule your trip for amberjack fishing in Sarasota, FL, here’s what you should know about the fish and how to angle for it. Identifying the fish How do you know if you’re dealing with amberjack? They’re typically easily identifiable by a dark stripe on the head that runs from the first dorsal fin through the eye. The back of the fish... View Article

Tips for Safe Charter Fishing in Sarasota, Florida

February 5, 2019

So, you’ve signed up for a fishing charter package and are excited to hit the open waters and bring in a huge catch. The great thing about charter fishing is that you don’t need to worry about anything—right? Well, yes and no. The charter fishing company should take care of most of the details of your trip, meaning you can relax and fish to your heart’s content. So what is there to worry about? Well, spending time on the water always comes with some level of risk. If you’re looking into a fishing excursion in Sarasota, FL, check out the... View Article

What to Expect on October Fishing Excursions in Sarasota, FL

October 8, 2018

October is one of the best months of the year for fishing in Florida, in large part because there are so few people out on the water compared to many other times of the year. The weather is also great during October—you can expect highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s, with much lower humidity than you get over the summer months. Here’s an idea of what you can expect out of your October fishing excursions in Sarasota, FL. Call to book yours today! Fishing closer to shore If you plan to stay closer to shore, there are... View Article

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