Facts About the Red Snapper

June 6, 2018

There are few fish as universally beloved as the red snapper. This fish, commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico, is prized both by sports fishers and by seafood lovers for its rebellious attitude and delicious flesh. The red snapper is an icon of Gulf fishing, and for good reason. It boasts a delicious, mildly flavored flesh that is highly sought-after by restaurants and fine food connoisseurs throughout the region.

Unfortunately, the red snapper’s universal admiration has led to overfishing over the past several decades. Thanks to conservation efforts, however, populations are beginning to recover. It’s now again possible for even the most environmentally responsible fishers to seek out red snappers.

If you’re going deep sea fishing in Sarasota, FL, you should ask the organizer of your charter excursion if it’d be possible to pursue a red snapper during your trip. Qualified boat captains can take you to areas of the Gulf where you’re likely to catch a red snapper, and can assist you with selecting the proper fishing gear and bait to use during your trip.

Here are just a few interesting facts to consider about the red snapper before embarking on your next fishing trip:

  • Big and old: Red snappers possess a formidable size—they can grow to be as much as 50 pounds in weight, and 40 inches in length. Additionally, the red snapper is capable of living more than 50 years.
  • Summer spawning: Spawning season for the red snapper lasts between May and October. Red snappers lay eggs in shallow, rocky areas or in coral reefs. The eggs typically hatch within a day. Red snappers begin reproducing when they’re roughly two years of age.
  • The bigger, the more productive: The bigger and more mature a snapper is, the more eggs it’s capable of laying. A 24-inch female, which is roughly seven years old, produces as many eggs as 212 seven-inch females, which are roughly five years old.
  • Valuable catch: Red snappers are probably the most economically valuable fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2011, commercial fishers in the Gulf states caught just over 3 million pounds of red snapper, which sold for more than $11 million!
  • Overfishing recovery: Decades of overfishing, combined with environmental disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, decimated the Gulf of Mexico’s red snapper population. Today, however, red snapper populations are experiencing a substantial recovery, thanks to ongoing conservation efforts.

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