About the Red Tide: Info from a Fishing Charter in Sarasota, FL

September 11, 2018

As you are likely aware, we’re currently going through a bad red tide here in the Sarasota area. However, this doesn’t mean you have to delay your fishing trip, if you’ve been planning on coming down and renting our fishing charter in Sarasota! You’ll still be able to enjoy a day out on the waters and catch plenty of fish.

Currently, the red tide is being held against the shoreline and out a few miles. By booking a fishing charter, you’ll be able to get past the affected, murky waters and out into the clear blue waters in the Gulf of Mexico where the fishing promises to be excellent.

Right now, the snappers and groupers are in season, and with the conditions it’s simply the best way to go for your fishing excursions. You can also aim to fill the box with fish on the eight- or 10-hour excursions we offer with amberjack and cobia. However, if you wish to keep it to six hours or less, there are many little tunny (small tunas) around to have fun with, along with the snapper and grouper. You never know—you might even hook a goliath grouper or shark that will give you quite a battle!

So come on down, have some fun and experience fishing at its best—don’t be scared away by the red tide status, because that only affects right along the shoreline.

What does red tide status mean?

Perhaps you’re not from the area and have been interested in what red tide status is when you’ve heard about it on the news or on local fishing reports.

Red tide in Florida is when water takes on a higher-than-usual concentration of a natural algae called Karenia brevis, more commonly abbreviated as K. brevis. These algae produce what are called “brevetoxins,” which are powerful neurotoxins that frequently kill marine animals, and can also be harmful to people.

Red tides begin forming miles from the shoreline, and often do not impact human life at all. However, they become dangerous when they get inshore due to wind and water currents. Beachgoers often report heightened symptoms of respiratory conditions when exposed to red tides, especially those who are already affected by allergies or asthma. The so-called “red-tide tickle” gives beachgoers an itchy throat and a cough.

People with asthma who visit beaches during a red tide are advised to bring their inhaler with them, though in some circumstances it might be better to avoid the beach altogether until the conditions in the area improve. Some swimmers will also experience skin irritation or rashes if they’ve been swimming in waters that are affected by a bad red tide. Sometimes beaches will close down to swimmers if the conditions get particularly bad. You’ll also notice dead fish wash ashore in some cases, in which case the beach will definitely close.

But again, these problems are closer to the shore—getting out into the clear, open waters allows you to still enjoy a great day fishing, so book your fishing charter in Sarasota, FL today!

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