What’s It Like to Fish in Florida During the Winter?

June 27, 2018

If you’ve spent much time on the water, you know every fishing season is different. Fishing in Florida in the winter isn’t the same experience as fishing on the Fourth of July. If you take a fishing charter in Sarasota, FL in winter, you should know a few secrets ahead of time to make your experience as fruitful as possible.

The following tips will help you have more success during your winter fishing excursions. Use these to entice fish and bring home more winter meals.

Slow It Down

Fish in cooler water move more slowly. Their metabolism has slowed and they are not willing to make as much effort to catch prey. To indulge their minimal efforts, move your bait slowly. A slower lure or bait will be more likely to catch a winter fish.

Have Patience

With slow movement and little activity, winter fish might not strike right away. Winter fishing requires patience. If you are fishing an area you know is a good spot, try moving and then come back. The fish might simply need a small change in temperature or pressure before they begin to feed.

Seek Warm Water

Look for pockets of warmer water. These are more likely to hold fish than cooler waters. Choose areas with dark bottoms, since this dark sand or mud radiates heat into the water. Areas where rivers or creeks feed into other water bodies are also good choices. The increased water temperature—even if slight—can make a big difference in fish activity.

Go Deep

Try to find deep holes in your fishing area. This is where fish seek out warmth. The shallower areas are more likely to be cold, while deep water is less likely to succumb to temperature changes. Remember to keep your lure close to the bottom of these deep areas and move it slowly.

Sleep In

The early bird may get the worm, but the early fish isn’t interested. There’s no need to beat the sunrise for a winter fishing trip. As mentioned, fish are more active as the temperature rises, so wait until midday to start your fishing. This is when the fish are most active, so you’ll have better luck.

Ask the Pros

If you’re considering fishing in Florida during the winter, it’s a good idea to consult with a fishing charter in Sarasota, FL. Working with one of these services, you’ll be more likely to find the best spots for fishing and enjoy a more successful fishing expedition. Winter fish can be hard to catch, so it’s nice to have professional backup.

Your Winter Fishing Experts

If you’re seeking a successful fishing trip in the winter, contact the pros at Charter Boat Shark. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to take you fishing, not just for a boat ride. Even in the challenging winter season, our charters provide a genuine fishing experience you’ll love. Contact our team today to make reservations for your next fishing trip.

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