Why Fall Is the Best Season to Come Fishing in South Florida

September 24, 2018

The summer tourist season has come to an end, and we’re in the middle of a fall lull before the holiday and winter tourism season really kicks into high gear down here in Florida. September and October are the quietest times of year for south Florida. The tourists are back home for the start of the school year, but the snowbirds haven’t started to flock back south in big numbers yet, so all you have are the year-round locals, who aren’t as likely to be booking their own fishing charters in Sarasota, FL.

So if you’ve got some availability this fall and are looking for a getaway, you won’t find a better time to come down and join us for a fishing excursion. Here are just a few reasons why the fall is the best time of year for south Florida fishing trips:

  • Easy booking: Because there are significantly fewer people down in Florida during September and October, particularly tourists, you won’t have a problem getting booked on pretty much any day you want to go out on the water. In fact, we’re usually able to accommodate some last-minute bookings during our slow season. So if you find yourself sitting around one day thinking you’d like to get out on the water, you can book a charter for the very next day and get out to have a great fishing experience.
  • Plenty of lodging: If you’re coming from out of town, you won’t have any problem finding lodging. Hotels and motels have plenty of rooms available. If you’re staying in an AirBNB or VRBO rental, not only will there be more availability during this time of year, but the rates are also likely to be lower since it’s the slow season. This means you don’t have to limit yourself with regard to where you can stay, and you won’t have to worry about all the best options being booked up way far in advance.
  • Better weather: It’s south Florida, so the weather is always going to be warm to some extent. But you have a much better chance to get cooler, less humid weather during the fall and winter than you do during the summer. Our boats are air conditioned, so you won’t have to worry too much about the temperature in any regard, but it’s still something to consider if you’re going to be spending much time outside during your trip. We recommend getting started in the morning so you can be finished before the early afternoon heat and popup storms begin.
  • Low competition: Because there are so many fewer fishers out on the water during the fall months, there’s not nearly as much competition for fish, meaning you’ll likely come away with a pretty good haul after your day out on the boat.

Interested in learning more about the various options we have for fishing charters in Sarasota, FL? Contact Charter Boat Shark today with your questions. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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