What Are the Best Ways to Protect Yourself from a Shark Attack?

August 8, 2018

You want to go out on the water, but you want to do so safely. With predators in the ocean, you may wonder if this is possible. Your provider of shark fishing tours in Sarasota, FL want to reassure you that it is. You can take steps to protect yourself from a shark attack and safely enjoy the open sea.

How? Following is your expert guide. Use these tips to enjoy the outdoors, explore the ocean and encounter wildlife, while minimizing your risks:

  • Swim in groups: You may enjoy being a lone surfer, but it’s better to hit the waves with others. Whether swimming, surfing or diving, go with a group. Sharks are more likely to attack individuals who are alone.
  • Heal before swimming: Sharks can smell blood, and they are good at tracing the aroma back to its source. Avoid attracting attention from sharks by staying out of the water if you are bleeding. If you have any injuries, wait until you have fully healed before hitting the waters again.
  • Avoid bling: Remove your shiny jewelry before you get in the water. When the metal or gems catch the light, the shine can look like fish scales. You don’t want to make yourself look like shark bait. Leave the jewelry on shore—you don’t need to look that fancy out in the water anyway.
  • Remain close to shore: If you wander far from shore, you are more likely to become isolated from others. If you do encounter trouble, you will also be farther from assistance. Stay close, and use extra caution near steep drop-offs and sandbars, as these are popular shark hangouts.
  • Keep your distance: If you see a shark, don’t approach it. Resist any temptation that may arise to get a close-up view, take a selfie with a shark or have an intimate encounter. They will likely leave you alone if you don’t engage, so don’t.
  • Swim during the day: Many sharks are at their most active times at dawn, dusk and night, so avoid these times for swimming. It is also easier to see sharks if they appear nearby during the day.

As you adhere to these safety tips, don’t forget common sense practices as well. If sharks are present, don’t enter the water. And don’t assume there are no sharks just because there are more benign animals, like dolphins, in the area. Often, these eat the same food as sharks, so both could be nearby. If sharks are spotted, leave the area. Do so calmly. Don’t panic and attract attention with flailing and splashing.

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