Which Ocean Fish in Florida Can I Eat?

July 11, 2018

Many people who enjoy fishing hope to complete their experience with a delicious fresh-caught meal. From pole to skillet, the fishing excursion can be exciting as well as tasty. But how can you know if the fish you dragged out of the ocean is worthy of your dinner plate? Your providers of local ocean fishing tours in Sarasota, FL are here to help.

The ocean is teeming with creatures of all kinds, so it’s important to be familiar with your dinner options before you dig in. If you plan to eat what you catch, watch for the following ocean fish. Some are tasty, and some are toxic:

  • Hogfish: Some rank this as the best-tasting fish you can catch in Florida. This is a delicate white fish. They are often caught with a spear. They cook easily because they are thin, cook quickly and can be paired with just about any flavor you like.
  • Tripletail: This fish offers an intense flavor. It is flaky yet firm, offering a dense but light taste. The contrasting tastes are quite appealing. For best results, pan sear it without adding much to it.
  • Grouper: Florida waters are filled with a wide variety of grouper species. White, red and black are among them. These fish are harder to catch than some others because they are good at hiding among rocks and reefs. But if you can avoid snagging your line, a grouper catch will award you with a tasty dinner. A blackened grouper sandwich is among Florida fishermen’s favorites.
  • Bluefish: This popular game fish offers strong flavoring. Eat it sautéed in butter with fresh garlic for a delicious treat.
  • Croaker: This species is one of the most abundant in the area. They are typically small, at about one foot long, and they weigh just a few pounds. They feed on worms, squid and crustaceans, so they offer a variety of bait choices. These qualities make croaker a likely catch, and they are safe to eat.
  • Bonefish: These are typically not eaten. While they are not toxic, they are simply more fun to catch than they are to eat. If you’re looking for a yummy dinner, try the other varieties listed here.
  • Large barracuda: These fish are one of the species most likely to carry ciguatoxins. These toxins occur in algae in small amounts. Fish eat the algae, then those fish are eaten by other fish. Over time, the larger fish can accumulate high amounts of the toxins. The ciguatoxins can cause sickness when eaten by humans. To avoid ciguatera fish poisoning, avoid eating large barracuda, since they are more likely to have accumulated these toxins.

If you want to end up with the best fish on your menu, arrange an ocean fishing tour in Sarasota, FL. The team at Charter Boat Shark offers in-depth knowledge and experience to create a fun and fruitful fishing excursion. We will help you identify the best fish for consumption and advise you on what to avoid. Reach out to us today with any questions or to book your next ocean fishing tour.

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