What Florida Fish Are Good to Target During the Winter Season?

November 22, 2018

Fishing is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed year-round, but it is important to know which fish to target to ensure a successful day out on the water. Some fish are easier to catch during the hot summer months, while others might be more attainable when the temperatures drop. Here are seven of the best fish to be on the lookout for on your ocean fishing tour in Sarasota, FL during the winter season:

  • Sheepshead: Although these fish can often be difficult to detect, sheepshead are typically found in large numbers during the winter months. Because of their subtle bite it can be hard to tell when they are on the line, so sheepshead is a good target for experienced anglers who like a challenge.
  • Redfish: This saltwater game fish is a popular target because of its heightened winter activity. The shallow flats warm up quickly on sunny days, which makes this area a popular hangout for redfish.
  • Bonefish: The bonefish is another species that can be difficult to catch, thus offering great sport for experienced anglers. These elusive fish like light tackle, crab and shrimp. Bonefish are ideal for fly-fishers, as it will take a stealthy approach to catch them.
  • Striped bass: These fish begin moving down from northern areas when the winter chill hits, and will offer an exciting challenge for those going after them. Striped bass concentrate in and around bait pods during the winter months, and they are the perfect fish to chase if you are up for a hard-pulling fight with a larger fish.
  • Snapper: Snapper like to set up shop in shallow, inshore areas during the winter months. This species prefers the warmth and food offered by inshore areas when the deeper waters have grown cold, so even if you are out on a smaller boat that isn’t meant for deep offshore fishing, you can still have a successful day out on the water.
  • Cobia: It seems as though the cobia species gets hungrier as the weather gets colder, which means that it will feed on just about anything you put on the end of your line this winter. These fish can be enticed with heavy jigs and trolling lures, but they are just as attracted to live baits as well.
  • Barracuda: Between the months of December and May, barracuda are particularly active. The water is clearer during this time, and you should have no problem spotting them stalking the reefs and flats from a distance away.

If you are ready to get out on the water and go after some of these fish, give us a call at Charter Boat Shark to schedule your ocean fishing tour in Sarasota, FL. Our captains have decades of combined experience in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and no matter what your level of experience may be, we will make sure to get you to the best areas for a top-notch fishing experience. Give us a call to schedule your charter today to enjoy a unique fishing experience this winter.

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