What Floridian Fish are Good to Eat? Info from a Fishing Charter in Sarasota, FL

April 25, 2019

There are so many opportunities for great fishing in Florida. Local anglers already are likely to know what fish are good for eating and what fish are primarily just for sport. But, if you’ve come into town for a fishing charter in Sarasota, FL, you might not be as familiar with the local fish.

Here’s a quick overview of some the fish that will give you the best meal after your fishing charter excursion.


No matter what kind or size of snapper you get, you can be sure you’re in for a good meal. Snapper is popular all over the world, and it’s the red snapper that is most popular here in Florida, especially if you enjoy grilling fish.

The flesh of the snapper is on the softer and more delicate side, but the meet is sweet and can handle aromatic flavors very well, which makes for some very tantalizing grilling possibilities. There are also a variety of ways in which you can serve snapper—serve it whole with some citrus and cilantro, or in filets that you grill after marinating on a rice pilaf with fresh vegetables.


Grouper is another local favorite that has a variety of subspecies, all of which are equally delicious. It is light and sweet, with meat that almost resembles grab or lobster rather than fish. It has large flakes and is great served grilled, baked or broiled with helpings of butter, olive oil, garlic, lime juice and parsley. Serve it in a sandwich, blackened or fried as well! Favorite grouper species include speckled, scamp, red and snowy, among others.


Flounder are very popular both in Florida and around the world. The flesh is white, tender, sweet and flaky, so it is best to use simple cooking methods, as overcooking it can ruin it quickly. We suggest broiling or sautéing it and serving it with a little salt, pepper, butter (or olive oil) and an herb or spice alongside rice, potatoes and/or salad and vegetables.


Mackerel are great game fish, but are also delicious. Spanish mackerel can be roasted, friend or grilled whole along with some Mediterranean herbs, sauces and spices. King mackerel, meanwhile, can be smoked or grilled whole, or you can choose to roast the filets.

While the fish tends to be a little bonier and oilier than others on this list, it is worth the effort for the flavor!

Mahi Mahi

Also known as “dolphin fish,” mahi mahi are popular all across Florida, particularly in restaurants. You’ll often find it grilled, blackened or baked and served alongside potatoes, rice and/or vegetables. In some cases, it’s also added into salads or put in sandwiches. There are many different spice rubs and marinades that can really add to the flavor of the fish.

For more information about the best fish for eating that you’ll find in Floridian waters, we encourage you to contact our fishing charter in Sarasota, FL today.

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