The Best Fish to Catch While on a Fishing Charter in Sarasota, FL

May 8, 2019

Florida is one of the best places in the United States for fishing. It’s easy to see why; there are more than 7,700 lakes, 2,276 miles of coastal shoreline and more than 10,500 miles of rivers.

Charter fishing excursions are among the most popular activities for tourists and local fishing enthusiasts alike. And, when you head out on to the water, you’ll have the opportunity to angle for all kinds of game fish. Here are just a few examples of some favorites for fishers on local waters:

  • Sailfish: The sailfish is the official saltwater fish of the state of Florida. It can be found in both tropical and subtropical waters. Most of the time these fish will be found alone or in small groups—you won’t see them swimming in large schools. Its most prominent feature is a long, high first dorsal fin. It jumps high and acrobatically out of the water.
  • Snook: Snook are very sensitive to changes in water temperature, so they tend to stay in areas where the water will be more reliably warm throughout most of the season. It is strong and can put up quite a fight, occasionally breaking fishing lines. They’re susceptible to light tackle, but will definitely give a good fight and take some time to bring in.
  • Tarpon: The tarpon is occasionally referred to as the “silver king of sportfish.” It’s not particularly delicious, but it is a great prize fish due to its fighting ability and appearance. You’ll find tarpon all over the state in various salinities.
  • Panfish: Panfish is a term that covers a variety of species like bluegill and various sunfish. These are great fish for younger anglers to test their skills on. They take simple live bait like worms and bugs, as well as some spinner baits.
  • Grouper: Grouper is another generic term that refers to certain deep-water species of fish. Red and gag grouper are especially common with fishers. During cooler months, grouper may come to the shallower waters in search of a little more warmth, and are then susceptible to trolling, but otherwise they’ll generally feed near the bottom.
  • Mackerels: This family of fish features the massive king mackerel and the smaller Spanish mackerel. They are typically found in the western Atlantic Ocean, and are one of the top ocean predators in the state. Mackerels tend to be a target for tournament fishers. They are also a popular target on charter fishing excursions where there are professionals aboard to help amateur anglers bring them in.
  • Snappers: Snappers are typically found in 60- to 440-foot water. Red snappers are some of the best fish for food you’ll find in Florida waters.

To learn more about the most popular fish you can find on a charter fishing excursion in Sarasota, FL, we encourage you to contact us today and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the fish you’ll encounter. With so many angling opportunities throughout the state, you’re sure to reel in a prize!

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