Which Ocean Fish Taste the Best? Opinions from a Fishing Charter in Sarasota, FL

May 22, 2019

We occasionally have guests on our fishing charters in Sarasota, FL ask us what we believe to be the best tasting fish that come from saltwater. Of course, any answer to this sort of question is going to be very subjective—we all have our own personal tastes and opinions. However, we can tell you on a general level the kinds of fish people most commonly look for specifically with eating in mind.

Here are just a few examples of some of these fish, which you may even come across on your next fishing excursion with our team:

  • Mahi-mahi: Also known as the “dolphin fish,” mahi-mahi is a highly versatile fish, as it can be cooked in many different ways. It’s a big-time favorite among locals, and a delicacy farther inland. It’s certainly a favorite among the various common ocean fish you’ll find in the area.
  • Wahoo: Wahoo is a favorite among gourmet chefs, again largely due to its outstanding versatility. It has a delicate white meat that is delicious no matter how you cook it.
  • Halibut: Halibut is known primarily for its low fat content. It is typically fried, grilled or broiled. The fish has a delicious natural flavor to it—it’ll taste great even if you don’t put any seasoning on it at all. This makes it very difficult to mess up during the cooking process!
  • Cobia: As you may have noticed so far on this list, the best ocean fish for eating tend to be highly versatile. This is true with the cobia as well. It can be served raw, when it is very soft and juicy. It can also be cooked in a variety of ways. You may see it fried, or placed in soups. It typically has flaky, delicious meat when cooked.
  • Cod: Perhaps the most common catch in the ocean, cod is ubiquitous in grocery stores and homes across the country because it is easy to raise, highly accessible and therefore quite cheap. You’ll find it in “fish and chips” and at fish fries across the nation. Its meat is moist and flaky, and it can easily be fried, breaded or baked.
  • Salmon: Another ubiquitous ocean fish, salmon is extremely popular whether raw, cooked or smoked. The fish has a unique flavor because of its high nutritional content, and it is known for being an outstanding source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Tuna: Tuna, much like salmon, has a unique, delicious flavor that makes it a favorite across the continent. It also has very high nutritional value, and is even a favorite when canned.
  • Monk fish: Monk fish is unique in that it has a flavor that very closely resembles lobster, which is why it’s often referred to as “the poor man’s lobster.” The fish may be ugly, but the meat is no doubt delicious.

For more information about the best-tasting ocean fish, or to schedule a fishing charter in Sarasota, FL, reach out to the team at Charter Boat Shark today. We look forward to helping you enjoy a wonderful experience and a bountiful catch!

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