Tips for Protecting a Boat from a Hurricane in Sarasota, FL

October 8, 2019

In Florida, we have some of the most beautiful, sunny weather in the world… but we also have some of the worst storms. If you have a boat, it’s important to consider the risks of storms and hurricanes so you can take the proper steps to prepare yourself and your vessel. Below are several tips for protecting a boat from a hurricane in Sarasota, FL that you should be following this season.

While there are certain months of the year when hurricanes are more likely to strike, the particular path of a hurricane and its severity are relatively unpredictable until the storm has already developed. With that in mind, you should make sure that you are always prepared for a hurricane, long before one is on the way.

Following a few key steps can help you keep your boat protected, no matter when a storm might hit:

  • Coordinate insurance coverage: You should assess your boater’s insurance policy and your contract with your marina to determine what level of coverage you have in the event of a hurricane. Some insurance policies will cover a portion of the cost of moving your boat prior to a hurricane, and some marinas require that you move your boat before a storm strikes. Make sure you understand all of these policies and terms so you can plan accordingly.
  • Decide on boat storage: During a hurricane, you can choose between dry docking your boat on land or mooring your boat in the water. In most cases, it’s better to store your boat on land since it is more likely to safely weather the storm. However, if dry docking is not an option and you have to moor your boat, make sure you choose a location where it will get the least impact from waves. You should take time to secure your boat with strong lines to minimize movement and prevent storm-related damage. You should also consider using multiple anchors to keep your boat securely in place.
  • Prepare your boat for storage: Whether you’re dry docking or mooring your boat during a storm, you need to take time to prepare your boat for storage. Remove any components that might create wind resistance, including sails. You should also remove any loose gear or possessions you keep on your boat and store them safely in another location. In addition, you need to secure your boat’s cabin by latching windows and doors to keep water out.

Hurricanes and boats in Sarasota, FL

At Charter Boat Shark, we know it can be challenging to coordinate all of the logistics of hurricanes and boats in Sarasota, FL, but we also know how rewarding boating can be. Whether or not you own your own boat, you can enjoy the thrill and fun of fishing on one of our fishing charters. We have been providing charter services for decades and are dedicated to providing our clients with an enjoyable and memorable experience. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule your trip!

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