Boating Is a Great Way to Socially Distance!

April 17, 2020

Even states with the strictest social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic allow outdoor exercise. Fortunately, that includes booking a fishing charter. Boating and social distancing in Sarasota, FL are compatible, and you can stay safe while having fun. Here are five ways we maintain good social distancing practices while boating:

  • Good-sized boats: We do not run charters on tiny motor boats. These are modern vessels with air-conditioned cabins and plenty of space to relax on deck. No one has to be near another person if they do not wish to be, and in fact, distance helps prevent tangled fishing lines. CDC guidelines indicate that outdoor activities remain healthy as long as you do not get cozy with your boatmates. Our larger boats help in this regard.
  • Limited parties: These are not crowded charters with 30-plus people. We normally take out groups of six to allow a quality fishing experience for everyone involved. This also helps with social distancing and ensuring everyone has their six-foot bubble. Even with limited numbers of people and plenty of space on the boat, we will not judge you if you want to take precautions and wear a mask. Do whatever you need to do in order to enjoy your time on the water.
  • Isolation and escape: We are not in the middle of the Atlantic, but we are far from shores and the risk of crowds of people. Besides limited exposure to germ vector areas, you will feel like you escaped this state of affairs as we leave the dock and see nothing but sea in front of you. There is a good chance you will fill your freezer with fish and get a badly needed break from current events.
  • Sanitation practices: We were already in the habit of regularly cleaning our boats because it helps them look better and last longer. When COVID-19 hit, we merely had to adjust our techniques to make them even more sanitary. Hot water and bleach do wonders on boats, and potassium chloride removes invasive species as well as dirt. Our charters are scheduled so there is time to clean after every excursion. You can rest assured that each boat is a COVID-free zone.
  • Common sense: You would not go boating if you had a cough or fever under normal circumstances, so do not do it now. The purpose of a fishing charter is to have fun—not feel miserable and scare the fish away with coughing and sneezing. We trust our customers to use common sense and not visit us if they are under the weather. Extend that same courtesy, and if you need to reschedule, just let us know. This is a time to be better safe than sorry.

Charter Boat Shark has our system for social distancing while boating in Sarasota, FL figured out. Our clean and sanitary boats will give you that telecommuting break you desperately desire. If you are ready to combine boating and social distancing and finally leave your home, contact us today to book a fishing charter.

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